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Introducing the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

  Alesis, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and components for today's musicians, today announced the introduction new electronic ...
12 Apr

A wide range of guitar straps from RightOn! Straps

We now offer a wide range of guitar straps from company RightOn! Straps. We hope that every guitarist can find the most suitable strap for their style and taste. RightOn! ...
10 Apr

Available now - Blackstar amps!

Great news for our customers - we have expanded our product range, and now it possible to purchase Blackstar products as well!   Equipped with ...
04 Apr

Alesis V and Q series MIDI controllers

ALESIS Q and V series MIDI controllers are available in our shop! Q25 and Q49 models are available from Q series. Q series MIDI-controllers are ...
22 Mar

Buy BOSS pedals, get free stuff!

Register any BOSS Compact pedal purchased after Oct 1st 2017 at BOSS Collectors to join the ‘Pedal Perks’ campaign and earn collectable prizes, donate to charity ...
21 Feb

Korg Pa700 available at our store

KORG debuts the newest High Performance Arranger in the acclaimed Pa-Series of Professional Arrangers, the Pa700. The Pa700 has plenty of new sounds (featuring Defined Nuance ...
16 Feb

Yamaha drums available at our store

Now we have acoustic and electric drums from Yamaha available in our store! One of the models available in the acoustic range is Stage Custom Birch (honey ...
02 Feb

ShurePlus MOTIV Video App is ready to launch

Good news – the ShurePlus MOTIV Video App is ready to launch. This App integrates the excellent audio performance of the MOTIV product line with video camera ...
25 Jan

Gretsch guitars added to our electric guitar range

Electric guitars from Gretsch have been added to our product range. From Electromatic series we have G5622T (vintage orange). Alive and loud, Electromatic ...
24 Jan

KORG B1 and LP-380 digital pianos are back!

The most popular KORG digital piano models - LP-380 in colors white, black, rosewood and rosewood grain black and B1 in colors black and white and as ...
11 Jan

New Shure SE215 earphones with Bluetooth

SE215 Wireless Sound Isolating™ Earphones with Bluetooth® Communication cable provide hour after hour of rich, detailed sound with enhanced bass, the freedom of ...
10 Jan

Free Addictive Drums 2

If you purchase and register one of our Scarlett (2nd gen) or Clarett audio interfaces between 20 November and 31 January, the XLN Audio Addictive ...
22 Nov

Shure wireless seminaras

Lapkričio 7 d. "A-T Trade Music", "Shure" platintojas Latvijoje ir Lietuvoje, kviečia visus konferencijų ir scenos garso industrijos specialistus prisijungti ...
20 Oct

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update / Android 8.0 support for KORG products

Dear KORG users,  We are currently testing all KORG products to be Windows 10 Fall Creators Update / Android 8.0 compliant and will confirm compliance dates for each ...
16 Oct

Casio instruments available in our shop!

It is now possible to purchase Casio synthesizers in our shop as well! These synthesizers are suitable for everyone - kids, teenagers, adults and seniors! We ...
12 Oct

VOX 2ch Audio Driver troubleshooting guide

If VOX 2ch Audio Driver is invalidated by Windows Update etc, it may become unusable as an ASIO driver. If this is the case, you can use it again by uninstalling the VOX ...
02 Oct

"Shure" konkurso nugalėtojai "Lehmanns Brothers" "Montreux" džiazo festivalyje

Lehmanns Broliai, laimėjo Shure "Call for Legends – Live" grupės konkursą, grojo energingai ir gavo galimybę koncertuoti šių metų Montreux Jazz festivalyje. Po ...
22 Aug

Korg Workstations — dealer seminar

Today we have had a seminar about Korg workstations — Kross, Krome and Kronos, for dealers and everyone interested. During the seminar we have shown the fukctionality ...
16 Aug

Shure Wireless Workbench update Shure Wireless Workbench atjauninājums 6.12.2

Wireless Workbench versijos atnaujinimas 6.12.2. Nauja versija pritaikyta naujausiems prietaisams bei RF dažniams. Taip pat: Axient Digital (AD1, AD2, ...
26 Jun

Shure Axient Digital wins ABTT award of the year

Epingenas / Vokietija, 2017 m. birželis: Šį mėnesį Britų teatro technikų asociacijos (angl. The Association of British Theatre Technicians; sutr. ABTT) kasmetinėje ...
21 Jun