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Line 6 products available in our shop!

Line 6 products are now available in our shop!

We have effect procesors:

Firehawk FX, which offers the tone, power and versatility you need to deliver your best performance. 

Helix LT, which delivers the highest levels of performance, flexibility, and control in its class AND

Helix Floor, which  is the flagship guitar processor of the Helix family, offering incredible power, flexibility, and control.



Also we now have guitar amps:

Spider V 60, which is an ideal practice amp, and includes a 60-second looper for layering tracks to play along with—but its 60 watts of power and built-in wireless receiver also make it great for playing in a small band AND

Spider V 120 provides 120 watts of power, making it loud enough for playing bars and clubs—and you can perform untethered utilizing its built-in wireless receiver.



Line 6 wireless systems:

Relay G70 instrument wireless system delivers roadworthy performance in a compact yet rugged stompbox format.

Relay G10S is a compact instrument wireless system that frees guitarists and bassists to move around the stage untethered.

Relay G30 instrument wireless system is compact and lightweight, while at the same time its rugged polycarbonate shell makes it dependably roadworthy.

Relay G10 is designed to be as easy to use as a conventional guitar cable.



Also Line 6 Sonic Port VX audio interface is available. So it is now finally possible to record complete songs anywhere inspiration strikes. 



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