#BeHome #BeCreative with Mackie CR4 and CR4BT monitors!

At the moment, most of us spend time at home – reading books, watching TV, finishing, or listening, and creating music.

We recommend the Mackie CR4 and CR4BT monitors to make the sound of your music better and more enjoyable or to make it easier to edit your own compositions. #BeHome #BeCreative



CR series monitors are perfect for both - home and studio needs. They are small in size and will look stylish and professional in almost any room.

CR4BT is different from CR4 with a Bluetooth function that allows you to play music, for example,

from your phone or tablet.

It will also be much more convenient for those who edit music. For example, switching from video editing to music playback will be very fast. Therefore, for those who work fast and do several things at the same time, CR series monitors will be especially suitable.



Highlights of the Mackie CR4 and CR4BT:

  • Professional components
  • Clean, articulated stereo sound (50W)
  • Handy front panel volume switch
  • Ability to connect a smartphone or other device and play music directly from it
  • Built-in headphone jack on the front panel


The package also includes:

  • Sound insulation pads that will reduce the vibrations generated by bass and make music more focused
  • 1/8 "- stereo RCA cable for connecting the computer to the speakers
  • 1/8 "- 1/8" cable for connecting a smartphone or player to the speakers
  • Speaker-to-speaker cable


By the way, we also have the smaller CR3, as well as the larger - CR5BT monitors!