#BeHome #BeCreative with VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE!

#BeHome #BeCreative and play louder with VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE!

Mini Superbeetle Audio is a Bluetooth speaker with classic VOX sound.

The amplifier has been made in a retro design, so it will fit in any room. The VOX Mini Superbeetle is equipped with a Bluetooth function that will be very convenient for music playback.

The amplifier's compact cabinet will provide powerful - 50W sound.

The amplifier will be suitable for enjoying music alone or for small home parties.

The MINI SUPERBEETLE AUDIO is equipped with standard TREBLE, MIDDLE, and BASS controls, as well as SUB-BASS control.

The amplifier has an AUX IN socket, so you can also play music from audio devices that do not

support the Bluetooth function.

The MINI SUPERBEETLE also has a guitar input and an internal circuit that simulates the sounds of AC series amplifiers. With GAIN, TONE, and VOLUME controls, you will get a wide range of tones - from clean to crunch.

The MINI SUPERBEETLE AUDIO is also equipped with an amPlug input jack, so by connecting one of the Vox amPlug headphone amplifiers, you will be able to expand your range of guitar sounds.



The VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE will be a great option for playing guitar at home. It will not take up much space and will be surprisingly powerful.

VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE is available in our store in blackivory, and Special Edition Union Jack version.




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