Be Creative with KORG Volca series

We want to tell you about the KORG volca series products. We can guarantee that you will not get bored with KORG volca!

Whether used together or by themselves, the volca series brings synth and drum programming to the people, with unique usability and grooves with ease and depth. What instrument are you looking for? A synthesizer or drums? Analog or digital?

This thrilling series of compact instruments are all battery powered and come with built in speakers so you can enjoy music at your fingertips. volca synths and groove boxes from Korg bring music to the people.


volca Series Lineup

This series includes a variety of units such as synthesizers, drum machines, and bass synths that all play a specialized role in your performance or studio setup. Users can perform with multiple units using the tempo sync included on all volcas. The compact design of the Korg volca series is packed with limitless possibilities.


volca bass - Loop Synthesizer

A bass machine that delivers fat analog bass sounds with three oscillators and a supercharged analog flter.



volca beats - Rhythm Machine

A hybrid rhythm machine with analog and digital sound sources, equipped with the standard drum sounds of dance music.



volca drum - Rhythm Machine

A digital percussion synthesizer constructed with a six-part DSP synth engine. Synthesize a wide range of unexpectedly diferent drum sounds.



volca FM - Loop Synthesizer

A polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces the luscious sound of a classic FM sound engine.



volca keys - Loop Synthesizer

An easy to use analog synthesizer with standard analog sounds, capable of polyphonicperformance from leads to chords.



volca kick - Kick Generator

An analog kick generator that specializes in powerful kick drums and kick basses.



volca modular - Semi-Modular Synthesizer

An astonishingly powerful semi-modular analog synthesizer that features eight modules, 50 patch points, and a sequencer for modular users from beginner to expert.



volca nubass - Loop Synthesizer

A new generation of acid bass machine that creates bold sounds with the warm, fat tone of vacuum tubes and analog.



volca sample - Sampler

The volca sample is a sample sequencer that lets you edit and sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time for powerful live performances.



volca mix - Mixer

Four channel analog mixer with a built-in speaker. You can perform by connecting up to 3 volca units and an external efecter.



Maybe soon one of our clients will be able to share this kind of compositions:



By the way, especially for large KORG volca enthusiasts, KORG SEQUENZ volca racks are also 

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