Shure MV5 and SRH-240 mobile recording kit!

Shure MV5 and SRH-240 bundle - for sound recording, podcasts and distance work! 

Shure's Mobile Recording Kit is the perfect ready-made recording solution for singers, musicians, podcasters, vloggers, and those who work from home. Shure MV5 bundle will be an excellent solution if you want to record, podcast, or to have great quality audio on your online meetings. In addition to the versatile DSP-powered Shure MOTIV MV5 USB microphone, you also get a high-performance set of closed-back Shure SRH240A headphones for critical monitoring of your music/media.

Shure MV5 USB microphone

This all-in-one microphone/audio interface includes three DSP presets for podcasting, voice-over work, online meetings, and vocal or instrument recording. The included aluminum stand lets you comfortably position your MV5, while the integrated headphone output delivers handy, low-latency monitoring. So whether you're working in the studio, kicking back on your couch, or hanging out in the park, your computer or mobile device is one step away from being a recording rig when you own a Shure MV5.

Shure SRH240A closed-back headphones

The SRH240As feature a closed-back design, so they help block out external noise — great for listening to music on your device, but even better when it's time to record in your home studio. No more problems with your headphone mix running into your live microphones. Plus, the wide frequency range means you're going to hear the lowest lows and the highest highs from your Shure SRH240 headphones.


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