New Martin Audio FlexPoint loudspeakers avalable at our store!

We are very happy to announce that the new Martin Audio FlexPoint speakers have arrived at our store A.Čaka 118!

We offer free consultations and the opportunity to try and compare these and other speakers and sound equipment!

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Martin Audio FlexPoint loudspeakers - a Powerful Investment in Premium Point Source Performance!

While line arrays and constant curvature arrays provide advanced solutions for large and medium-scale venues, individual point source loudspeakers continue to be as relevant as ever when it comes to shorter-throw systems for live sound applications and installations.

Alongside Wavefront Precision and TORUS arrays, the exciting FlexPoint™ Series completes a trio of premium loudspeaker categories to deliver the Martin Audio signature sound experience from the intimacy of the smallest gallery to the largest festival.

With state-of-the-art acoustic design and technical innovations throughout, the FlexPoint Series sets a new benchmark in performance and versatility for compact, standalone loudspeakers. FlexPoint systems deliver the very highest quality sound to match the expectations of prestige venues and top-flight touring artists, while their passive two-way configuration heeds the need to reduce running costs and amplifier count.


Comprising five models, the FlexPoint Series covers a vast range of professional applications—from live sound reinforcement, theatre sound and Corporate AV to distributed sound systems for installations and immersive environments. From the miniature FP4 to the powerful FP15, FlexPoint loudspeakers are compact and discreet — providing ultimate clarity, detail and coverage at all sound levels without affecting sight lines or detracting from venue architecture.


FlexPoint systems are also designed to integrate perfectly with Wavefont Precision and TORUS arrays where fill and delay loudspeakers are required — ensuring the same superb sonic characteristics and consistent coverage throughout the venue.


  • Coaxial Point Source Innovation - Coaxial Point Source technology lies at the heart of FlexPoint systems. While the frequency response of non-coaxial systems varies off-axis depending on the listening position, a coaxial system improves summation of the LF and HF sections at the crossover point — resulting in a smoother and more consistent frequency response off-axis.

  • Adaptable, Multi-Purpose Enclosures - FlexPoint enclosures are constructed from birch plywood, finished in hardwearing paint and available in black as standard. Steel grilles with a triple-layer polyester backing present a discreet, professional appearance, while resisting dust and water ingress to IP54 environmental rating.

  • Flexible Deployment Options - Threaded inserts in each FlexPoint enclosure support a wide range of mounting options and accessories, depending on the model. These include eyebolt suspension, yoke, wall bracket, truss and mic stand mounting for the smaller models. The larger models also incorporate dual pole-mount sockets into the base of the enclosures and have a rigging bar accessory option for truss mounting that allows quick deployment with easy down-tilt adjustment.

  • Subwoofer Flexibility - Where required, Martin Audio SX subwoofers can be used in conjunction with FlexPoint systems to extend low-frequency performance and impact. SX subwoofers offer a full complement of options from single and double 10”, 12”, 15” and 18” as well as a cardioid 15” and 18” and the ultimate subwoofer performance of the Hybrid® horn/reflex loaded SXH218.

  • Prediction Software - Whether utilised in standalone applications or augmenting other Martin Audio systems, FlexPoint loudspeakers work in conjunction with DISPLAY 3 prediction and modelling software.







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