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Yamaha's most reasonably priced classical guitar offers a rich tone that beginners will find inspiring.


CG series are created using the experience and technology gained from decades of hand crafting fine classical guitars. The series offers ten models divided into five grades making it easy to find a guitar that fits your sound and design requirements. The CG series offers rich tone with improved volume, tone quality and response, superior playability with its easy to hold neck design and comfortable string height, and elegant appearance with its simple design.





New bracing pattern, thinner bridge plate



The new CG series features a new bracing pattern that delivers excellent response and rich resonance. These guitars also feature a bridge plate that efficiently transfers string vibration to the guitar top.




Top material

All models in the new CG series lineup are available with either a spruce or cedar top. You can choose the top according to your preferences for tone or wood texture.


Spruce: Clear fundamental tone. Massive tone with great variation according to touch. Tone improves as the wood matures.



Stable Neck Condition



Necks utilize a strong 3-ply laminate design that resists warping and twisting. This design improves neck strength, offers greater stability against shape changes over time, and allows lower string height. In addition to providing greater neck stability, the laminated design also makes effective use of resources.

The matte finish on the back of the neck allows the left hand to move smoothly while also providing a secure grip. The finish is applied with a thin coat that contributes to improved resonance. The same matte finish is applied to the bridge for improved resonance.




Saddle fit

Years of experience and original technologies have brought improvements to our saddle and saddle slot design. Crafting these components with great precision provides a highly accurate fit that improves attack and sustain while reducing string vibration loss to transfer rich resonance to the body.



  • Finish: gloss
  • String scale: 650 mm (25 9/16")
  • Body depth: 94-100 mm (3 11/16"-3 15/16")
  • Fingerboard width (nut/body): 52 mm (2 1/16")
  • Top: spruce
  • Back: Nato/Meranti
  • Side/rib: Nato/Meranti
  • Neck: nato
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Bridge: rosewood
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