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SAKAE AXP1002 Twin drum pedal

ID: 229875, Vendor kodas: M0000023597
€ 813.20 € 649.00

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A pedal full and light. The pedal Axelandor features a durable, lightweight aluminum so that you can get a game ultra-smooth, powerful and fast. In addition, the heel can be fixed or removed. Depending on the technique you want to use this is a huge plus ! The pedal Axelandor also comes with two bats, one with a head made of felt and the second with a head in resin, ultra-resistant.System multi-axle easily adjustable. The proprietary multi-axle, you can perform three levels of adjustment at the level of the bat, ranging from the perfect circle to the eccentric circle. This allows you to obtain different sensations at the level of the game, and expand your sound palette of powerful and balanced to be delicate and nuanced. In addition, by using the key provided, the adjustments can be performed without having to remove the bat or change the position of the pedal.Precise adjustment of the voltage. The mechanism includes in the pedal Axelandor allows you to easily adjust the tension of the spring, either with the key provided or the small black cap. In turn with one or the other of the options, you can tighten or loosen the tension precisely.

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SAKAE AXP1002 Twin drum pedal

€ 813.20 € 649.00




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