Meinl Stick and Brush!

Drumsticks, multi-rods and brushes are the most important tools for any drummer or percussionist, forming a direct link between the player and their instrument.They bring out the beautiful tones of a cymbal or the sensitivity of a snare drum, and yet, they are a very personal choice. Meinl’s solution was to create a focused line of high-quality sticks with clear differences in the framework of the sizes most commonly used.

Meinl sticks are proudly made in Germany! This means taking the time to check the quality at each point in the manufacturing process so that the Meinl family feels confident putting their name on each stick.

R&D team at Meinl decided to craft their sticks from a cymbal player’s perspective so that every stick sounds great on cymbals first. After all, making cymbals has been the family business for a long time.

Meinl added a new step to how sticks are manufactured: weigh and sort the raw wooden dowels into designated models first, so your favorite stick model won't be too light or too heavy when buying a new pair.

Before being turned into sticks, the American Hickory and North American Hard Maple comes in the form of square dowels. Each dowel is shaped into a stick with a precise profile by computercontrolled cutting blades. By sorting the raw dowels first, only lightweight hickory becomes Big Apple sticks (which are great for fast ride patterns) and likewise, dowels with the most weight will become the Heavy series (which features increased diameters and thick tapered shoulders for endurance and heavy hitting). The final result is that your favorite pair feels the way you expect, every time.

There are several factors that will influence what the right choice is for each player and their situation. Learn more about the components that make up our Meinl Stick & Brush line and their unique characteristics.



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